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I have searched around for this answer but find the information a bit confusing.
Sorry if this is obvious but I have searched and tested with no luck. The question
I have is this, I currently have simple website that basically allows an user to
authenticate using the Javascript SDK. I am returned with an user access token that I
can then use to post events for the user.

The question I have is this, is it possible to post events for an user using the application token instead of the user token if the user has logged in once and gave permission to create_events?

I have followed https://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/applications/ and it states that using the app token we can make API request but are those request only for modifying application properties and creating test users?

Whats even more interesting is that I can post to a users wall using https://graph.facebook.com/< userid >/feed?access_token= < appAccessToken > …

But no such luck with events. I receive an "Unknown error" type "OAuthException" Thanks for any info on if this is even possible.

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If you are working client-side only, then you do not want to use your app access token anyways – because everyone using your app could spot it, and you definitively don’t want that to happen. –  CBroe Aug 28 '12 at 11:05
Makes sense. This is more so to test what we can and can't do with the API. And reading the documentation it appears you should be able to post events using the app token on behalf of the user so long as they accept the permissions. We want to be able to post events to users of our system that are not the logged in user but have agreed to allow our app to create events. –  Eric Foster Aug 28 '12 at 15:32

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