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I want to populate a dropdown from a table 'accountgroups' which has 2 columns id and name. The first row of dropdown should be blank or '--Select Account Group--' when first loaded. Once the user selects the item (i.e. display field 'name' and value field 'id') I want to get id and name values when form is submited.

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You'll need to create a model for your table first:

class Model_AccountGroups extends Model_Table {
    public $table='accountgroups';
    function init(){


    $form->js()->univ()->alert('Selected ID='.$form->get('account_id'))->execute();
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Hi Roman, I have already done like above code, it only gives me 'account_id'. I also need to know the selected 'name'. Apart from this, first item in the drop down should be 'blank' or '--Select Group--', so that user does not ignore the first item in the group and mistakenly submit the form without noticing it. –  Hemal Aug 28 '12 at 6:20

Probably (your post have an year and a half) you had resolved your issue, but I want anyway contribute with "my 2 cents" for this issue. I looked around (documentation, forums, etc) and neither found another solution to the same problem. My solution (tested and working) is this (please is is not efficient enough let me know):

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ON MODEL
class Model_Offices extends Model_Table {
    public $entity_code='Offices';
    function init(){

    function GetAll() {
        $AllOffices = $this->SetModel('Offices');
        foreach($AllOffices as $OneOffice) {
        return $r;

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ON PAGE

        $form->addField('dropdown','Office')->SetValueList($m->GetAll()) ;


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