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I want to build an app that use in the backend Ruby on Rails. However my problem comes in the lack of information i found on it. My goals is not just to create a website but an application that interacts with it, like my android facebook app when pressing menu I get button like logout and so on.

I am wondering if their exists tutorial on how to build an application but using rails or should i scrap my entire website and do it in php. I am looking for guide and tutorial. Thanks in advance

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You can build an app on any platform and make it interact with your Rails-based server using HTTP requests (like AJAX).
You can send information back and forth using JSON or XML; you would probably need to make a new set of actions for the app to use.

There is no reason to use PHP. ever.

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To understand rails allow me to generate xml/json and then from that i can choose a software like phonegab or rhomobile and then create a seta of action. How can i define those actions? –  Jseb Aug 27 '12 at 20:26
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A little unclear from your original question, but if you are looking to create a mobile app using Ruby (and a structure similar to Ruby on Rails) then you may be interested in Rhomobile. It is a cross-platform mobile application framework that uses Ruby for its backend code, and follows a structure similar to (older) Ruby on Rails versions.

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From what I understand of your problem, you want to use the robustness of Ruby to develop a native app (not just another app that mirrors a website).

The best thing I know of for this is RubyMotion. The bummer is the cost ($200). But then you would get to accomplish your task.

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