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I have an array of objects and I need to find the last element that matches a specific condition. I tried to do it with each_reverse, but it ended up with too much of a code:

matching_item = nil

items.reverse_each do |item|
  if (item.type_id == 10)
    matching_item = item

Is it possible to make it shorter?

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matching_item = items.reverse.find{ |i| i.type_id == 10 }
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I would probably use Array#select and return the last match:

matching_item = items.select {|i| i.type_id == 10}.last

Leave off the .last if you decide you want all matches:

matching_items = items.select {|i| i.type_id == 10}
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There are nice, though they search all the array and don't stop when the find the fitst matching element. Any way to to this? –  Ron Schwartz Aug 28 '12 at 6:44
items.reverse_each.detect{|item| iterm.type_id == 10}
items[items.rindex{|item| item.type_id == 10}]
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