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I'm new to Node and Express. In the default app created by Express I found out that the partial rendering is done in jade through these lines (correct me if I'm wrong):

// layout.jade
    block content

// index.jade
block content
    h1= title

Having worked with a php framework, this is kind of new for me. Apparently, the partial rendering is not handled by Express anymore as of today. How does it work now?


Edit: by the way, anyone knows what happened to the Express documentation? The official site's guide section shrank by a lot (or perhaps it's just me).

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it shrank because they removed a lot of features to make things more simple (ie no partials or dynamic helpers). –  Jonathan Ong Aug 27 '12 at 22:00
but now how to render a partial?? using res.render??? –  andrescabana86 Aug 28 '12 at 20:32
Thanks for the answer Jonathan, I'd checkmark it if it was a formal answer. Andrescabana: templates are likely handled by the the templating engines themselves now. Jade includes that functionality. Go check the main github page. –  chenglou Aug 29 '12 at 1:09

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Just going to answer my own question so that this is marked as answered.

The partial rendering is indeed done by the templating system now. Express 3.0+ decided to keep it simple and removed the built-in partial rendering functionality.


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