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Having trouble understanding how to best do the following in Knockout:

I'm porting a multi-page server-side app to Knockout, which does a lot of different functionality and data on various pages, for example:

  • List all users
  • View a user page
  • Edit a user page
  • Your account settings
  • etc.

These various pages are shown in the main part of each page, with a common header, sidebar, and footer.

There is common data on all pages (in header and sidebar), and I'd like this to behave like a 'single page' app (with animations between sections, etc)

Pending your feedback, I'm thinking the best approach would be to have:

  • One main model, with submodels for each 'page'
  • Common observables applicable to the header, sidebar, etc
  • An observable that indicates the 'active page' and template

For example:

var MainModel = {
   listUsersModel: { ... },
   userModel: { ... },
   accountModel: { ... },
   commonProperty: ko.observable('Blah'),
   anotherCommonProperty: ko.observable('Blah'),
   activeSection: ko.observable('listUsers')


While I think this will work, I'm a little fuzzy about how to "switch pages", and update new page's model with fresh server-side data.

Is the best/only way to do this something like:

// userModel above subscribes to userId changes, to get new server via ajax
MainModel.activeSection = 'viewUser'


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Here's an example from RNiemeyer that answers what I need:


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Another recent option is to use Durandal, which is a great framework to manage this in Knockout apps. –  7zark7 May 1 '13 at 20:10
This should be an answer, not just a comment. Almost missed it. –  Francois Botha May 12 '14 at 20:48

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