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we have a db2 database at our company, and I'm trying to view tables in a schema by their shorter system name instead of by their long name. Is there any way to do this? If I'm in the SQL editor, i can get the short/system name to autofill for table names, but they won't show up in the data source explorer.

Sometimes I'm given a table to look up, and I don't know what the long name of the table is, so I can't find it. The search feature doesn't seem to find it, and the filter options don't find it either.

Any ideas?

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I haven't used RAD, but there's always the SYSIBM.SYSTABLES catalog view.

I'm guessing by the "short name" you actually mean the tablespace of that table, which can be found on the catalog view like so (TYPE = 'T' will only return base tables):

WHERE TSNAME = 'short_name'
  AND TYPE   = 'T'

Usually, unless you specify an existing tablespace, DB2 will implicitly create a new tablespace for that table, so it is possible that more than one table will be in a tablespace. Check the CREATE TABLE entry under IN DATABASE for more info.

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