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In my application I have to send automatic emails to the customer when customer status changes.I need to attach a document to that email which should be in the pdf format. I have to create this attached PDF document from a existing word document.Being Apache Open Office is installer and have to be started as a service every time when I want to convert a document I am dilemma to choose between JODConverter+open Office and Apache POI HWPF + iText.Please suggest me which to use .

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Disclosure: I lead the docx4j project

JODConverter + OpenOffice will probably give you the best support for the widest range of features in a binary .doc file. HWPF only supports a restricted subset of .doc content.

If your documents are standard fare paragraphs, tables, images, headers/footers docx files, docx4j ought to meet your needs (it includes PDF output via Apache FOP).

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@JasonPluext...thanks for the quick repluy.I went through docx4j documentation.I guess it supports only .docx format. I need to access .doc formats too. –  SRy Aug 29 '12 at 19:26
In which case I'd suggest JODConverter. (docx4j actually uses POI's HWPF for binary .doc, so its capabilities there are much the same as POI's) –  JasonPlutext Aug 29 '12 at 22:23

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