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I am trying to fix a broken webstore. I am getting the following error message.

Warning: file_put_contents(/hermes/web06/XXXX/XXXXX/webstore/includes/work/configuration.cache) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hermes/waloraweb053/XXXX/XXXXX/webstore/includes/classes/cache.php on line 52

The configuration.cache and the cache.php are there and in the location as shown on the paths.

The configuration.cache does not have 52 lines (only 3 very long ones), but cache.php does.

Here is the code that I think relates to this case.

 * Write the data to a cache file
 * @param string mixed $data The data to cache
 * @param string $key The key ID to save the cached data with
 * @access public

    public function write($data, $key = null) {
      if ( empty($key) ) {
        $key = $this->_key;

      return ( file_put_contents(DIR_FS_WORK . $key . '.cache', serialize($data), LOCK_EX) !== false );

Note: the line 52 is return ( file_put_contents(DIR_FS_WORK . $key . '.cache', serialize($data), LOCK_EX) !== false ); line.

Any help or suggestions most welcome!


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Sounds like a permissions issue. Make sure that configuration.cache is writable by the user the web server daemon runs as. Edit Hrmm, no cancel that -- it would say "permission denied" instead of "no such file" –  Alex Howansky Aug 27 '12 at 21:16

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Only thing I notice is that your code and your cache file are in different trees. Was this intentional? I.e., you're trying to write to the cache in:


But your code is in:


Should these be the same? Perhaps when you think you're looking to see if /hermes/web06/XXXX/XXXXX/webstore/includes/work/configuration.cache exists, you're actually looking at /hermes/waloraweb053/XXXX/XXXXX/webstore/includes/work/configuration.cache

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