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I'm overlooking something obvious in using my sprites. I have an example at JSFiddle. It is not displaying the sprite in the span and when I look at the element in Chrome, it is reporting an actual background position of 0px, 50%. The css is 0px, -31px.


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You have to make the SPAN display as block and lose the comma between your background position settings as there should simply be a space:


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SPANS are not block elements, and cannot take on a width or height CSS property. Use a DIV or add display:block to your definition for this element.

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Thanks for oversight. I've updated the fiddle at jsfiddle.net/photo_tom/HJUg6/4, However, my original problem still remains. In chrome, when I looked at the Computed Style, it is reporting the background position as 0px, 50%; –  photo_tom Aug 27 '12 at 21:29

Use display:block on the div and it works. ( I don't know if that's the image that you should see.. )

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