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I am building a web application that will have hierarchical roles.

For example, an admin, mod, user roles.

If a user was a moderator, and a .IsInRole("User") was done, then it would return true because mod is on top of user. There will also be a permissions table to have allow(true)/deny(false) for a variety of actions for the different roles.

There would also be different 'starting' roles that would branch down; admin2, mod2, user2, but a regular mod would not be considered a user2, only a regular user.

Are there any libraries that allow this type of role/permissions functions?

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I would strongly look at using a claims based scheme instrad of roles. However, my firat reaction would be to create a custom IPrincipal object, override the IsInRole method, and use bitwise flag enum for your roles (you know, 1, 2, 4, 8) values.

My open source project has a working implementation of claims based. https://github.com/wcpro/scaffr-generated

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