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Sorry, this is probably a very bad question. Ive just started to learn Obj-C and I dont understand this:

Do I somewhere choose if to use ARC/MRR/... for memorymanagement? is it a setting or does it depend on how i write my code?

Please explain like im 5 :)

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It's a compiler setting. The compiler setting -fobjc-arc will cause the translation unit to be compiled with ARC enabled while -fno-objc-arc to compile without it. It's also a setting in the project to compile everything with ARC on or off. –  Jason Coco Aug 27 '12 at 22:13

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It's a build setting. In Xcode, click your project file, select Build Settings, search for arc:

enter image description here

For details about how you have to write your code with or without ARC, see the documentation. This is not something that can be summarized in a short answer. You might also want to check out the WWDC '11 and '12 videos about ARC: Introduction to ARC.

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ah ok! thanks! learning what it is/how to use it now so only wanted to understand if it was a setting or what. Now i get it! :) –  tobbe Aug 27 '12 at 22:28

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