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Thanks for reading! ;) I'm just learning about Git and GitHub stuff, so I'm reading a tutorial where in a step it says I need to get in the GitHub's website my "Clone URL" and "Public Clone URL". The tuto it's not the newest one, so at present if I go to GitHub's website, I see a "Clone in Windows" button which forces me to install "GitHub for Windows" official client.

Even if this works, I come from a Linux environment and in my present work I need to use Windows want it or not ¬¬ I've already installed and configured Cygwin, Console2 and Msysgit to work with Git Bash in conjunction with these software to be able to use a console, so I find frustrating be forced to use a Windows client when all I want it's this Clone URL stuff...

So, my question is, how do I get this URL without installing this Windows client? Is there a way? Am I misunderstanding something? I'm just trying to learn GIT and GitHub so I can do my work here at the office.

Any ideas????

Thanks a lot! =)

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The URL should be right next to the "Clone in Windows" button, as seen here

The various options such as "HTTPS" and "Git Read-Only" correspond to the newer versions of "Clone URL" and "Public Clone URL".

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Is that so... Well I'm learning after all! So I really don't need that Windows client to work with GIT and GitHub, do I? =P – Metafaniel Aug 27 '12 at 23:07
No, it's just another UI for git. According to this blog post it even uses msysGit. – Mathnerd314 Aug 28 '12 at 0:11

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