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I have a table (let's call it A) with a text field called references_int which has numerous values. One example is 'internal\reference[111]'.

If I do

WHERE references_int LIKE 'internal\\reference[111]'

it will return zero rows. But if I replace LIKE with = it works.

I use a framework that simplifies find queries, but it uses LIKE.. Is there a way for it to work?

No idea if it's a bug or a feature.


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I've checked the binary value of the field and it matches (if I do hex(value) = hex(column)). There are only ASCII chars in stored in the field. – Daniel Costa Aug 27 '12 at 23:12

Escape each \:

WHERE references_int LIKE 'internal\\\\reference[111]'

By default, if you don't specify an ESCAPE character to LIKE, \ is assumed, as per the documentation. An alternative is to use a different ESCAPE character:

WHERE 'internalrefer\\ence[111]' LIKE 'internalrefer\\ence[111]' ESCAPE '#'
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+1. As the doc explains, "To search for '\ ', specify it as '\\\\ '". – ruakh Aug 27 '12 at 23:19

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