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I'm trying to help a client move an old DotNetNuke site to a new host (old one shutting down)

The DNN site runs version 3.2 (according to right-click > Details > Product Version on the DotNetNuke.dll).

I'm having a hard time find info on this old version.

What version of ASP.NET does this need?

New host has .NET 2 & 4. Any chance this can be setup on a .NET 2 machine?

Is there anywhere where I can get a hold of the original manuals for this? (DNN site only goes back to version 5)

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The general process of moving a site is:

  • Copy all the files in the website folder to new server
  • Backup and restore the database on the new server
  • Configure IIS for the new site
  • Edit connection string in web.config for new sql server credentials

You can find some docs that shipped with the release at http://dotnetnuke.codeplex.com/releases/view/19992.

I also noticed that the 3.x line requires .Net1.1, the 4.x line uses .Net2. That was way before my involvement with DNN.

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Thanks. Do you know of any config manual for DNN 3.2? I've done all the step and configured it for .Net 2 environment but DNN isn't liking it –  Ben Aug 28 '12 at 0:36

3.2 Runs on 1.1. I have had some success with doing this on 2.0, but it will depend on the modules. More than likely though, you want it on 1.1.

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Thanks for your input. –  Ben Aug 28 '12 at 23:46

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