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My car model belongs_to :policy.

However, I don't set the policy directly: I set it via a virtual attribute / custom setter method called new_policy. So in my form, I have:

= f.simple_fields_for :new_policy, @new_policy do |policy_form|
    = policy_form.error_notification

But the error_notification doesn't work for that part of the form, and the inline errors don't show up, even though the @new_policy data persists after a failed submit attempt. (No errors are displayed, although the car model's error_notification alerts the user to the presence of errors.) Is there a way to get the error_notification helper to work with the @new_policy object? How can I get the errors to show up inline?

Also, my car model does not accepts_nested_attributes_for :policy since I set policy via the virtual attribute. When everything is filled in correctly, everything works as expected.

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