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I'm dynamically loading and drawing the first frame little video elements to a bigger canvas. (when you rollover it plays them) It usually works (90% of the time) but randomly sometimes one or other of the videos will draw a black box signifying that the imagedata sampled from the video is empty.

How I'm doing this is to use the canplaythrough event on each of the videos to identify if the video is ready to be sampled but I'm wondering if there is a better event I should be using?

for instance:

            //do the sampling now

but the above occasionally and seemingly randomly draws a blank?

Any ideas? I've also tried: onloadeddata and canplay but these were even less reliable

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I feel reason of blank frame is,even a one second video also consists of lots of frames. So it may contain a blank frame in between. I feel the event canplaythrough is proper. You may modify your sampling logic.

           //check the intensity of some pixels of sample if they are blank. If blank then raise canplaythrough event
//else do the sampling now
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that would be nice but nope.. 90% of the time the video shows the first frame as expected. If I refresh the page a few times (there are about 5-7 videos on the canvas at any point) 1 or 2 of them randomly will be a blank box – Alex Aug 28 '12 at 8:19

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