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i print out the struct using a y notation. it prints the floats in scientifc notation. how can i fix it so that i can see it with decimal values. for eg


y trade


Output: pl see :currentPnL with scientific notation.

--- !ruby/object:OpenStruct 
  :gains: time stop
  :breakoutprice: 1.24634003639221
  :currentPnL: -5.00000000001055e-005
  :symbol: EUR/USD
  :mfe: 0.0
  :mae: 0.0
  :entry: 1.24638
  :entryTime: 2012-08-22 02:59:18 -04:00
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YAML is not designed to be a report format. It's a serialization format. –  Mark Thomas Aug 28 '12 at 2:42

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You can use a formatted string like this:

"%f" % -5.00000000001055e-005 => "-0.000050"
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i did not want to loop through the yaml and print out the formatting. i was looking for a solution where i can customize how the yaml outputs floats. –  junkone Aug 28 '12 at 2:21

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