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I've got an NSTextView subclass acting as its NSTextStorage delegate. I'm trying to do 2 things:

  1. Highlight the text in some ways
  2. Evaluate the text and then append the answer to the textview.

I'm doing this in two different methods, both invoked by the - (void)textStorageWillProcessEditing:(NSNotification *)notification delegate callback.

I can do the syntax highlighting just fine, but when it comes to appending my answer, the insertion point jumps to the end of the line and I don't really know why. My evaluate method looks like the following:

NSString *result = ..;
NSRange lineRange = [[textStorage string] lineRangeForRange:[self selectedRange]];
NSString *line = [[textStorage string] substringWithRange:lineRange];
line = [self appendResult:result toLine:line]; // appends the answer

[textStorage replaceCharactersInRange:lineRange withString:line];

Doing that will append my result just fine, but the problem is, as mentioned, the insertion point jumps to the end.

I've tried:

  1. Wrapping those above calls up in [textStorage beginEditing] and -endEditing.
  2. Saving the selection range (i.e., the insertion point) before changing the text storage so I can reset it afterwards, but no dice.

Am I doing this right? I'm trying to do this the least hackish way, and I'm also unsure if this is the ideal place to be doing my parsing/highlighting. The docs lead me to believe this, but maybe it's wrong.

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What is lineForRange, I don't find that method in the docs? If you mean lineRangeForRange, then that could be your problem. Are you trying to append to the end of the line, or the end of your selection? –  rdelmar Aug 28 '12 at 0:58
Yeah that's a typo. –  jbrennan Aug 28 '12 at 1:09
How about the second part of my question? It's not clear where you are trying to append your text. When you say the insertion point moves to the end of the line, do you mean after your insertion or before? –  rdelmar Aug 28 '12 at 1:16
Sorry, Yeah I'm trying to append to the end of the line. –  jbrennan Aug 28 '12 at 1:27
Once again you only answered half my question. What exactly is the problem? Is the text replacement happening correctly, but the insertion point moves to the end (and do you mean end of the text or just the line)? Or, is the replacement text in the wrong place? –  rdelmar Aug 28 '12 at 4:04

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I know that this question has been long since answered, however I had exactly the same issue. In my NSTextStorage subclass I was doing the following:

- (void)processEditing {
    //Process self.editedRange and apply styles first
    [super processEditing];

However, the correct thing to do is this:

- (void)processEditing {
    [super processEditing];
    //Process self.editedRange and apply styles after calling superclass method
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Thanks, that solved my problem. If you use the NSTextStorageDelegate and you experience this problem, use textStorageDidProcessEditing: instead of textStorageWillProcessEditing:. Do read the documentation warnings about the leaving the textStorage in an inconsistent state, though. –  Elise van Looij May 13 at 9:40

It's simple! I ended up breaking this problem into 2 parts. I still do my syntax highlighting as a result of the textStorage delegate callback, but now I do my evaluation and appending elsewhere.

I ended up overriding both -insertText: and -deleteBackwards: (I might also want to do the same for -deleteForwards:, too). Both overrides look like the following:

- (void)insertText:(id)insertString {
    [super insertText:insertString];
    NSRange selectedRange = [self selectedRange];
    [self doEvaluationAndAppendResult];
    [self setSelectedRange:selectedRange];

I ended up having to reset the insertion point manually here. I'd still love to figure out why that's necessary, but at least this feels like less of a hack.

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