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i want to make a system that will output basic console i/o to a database and make a centralized history i can do actual searching on since 'history | grep' on many different boxes sucks. i looked into the basics - ttysnoop and the like, but they don't have a good message queue system. also, doing things like 'ssh ' doesn't actually get a tty. really, the auditd system would be awesome but it doesn't store console output in their database (it wasn't designed for that).

so, what i'm wondering is what i should be looking at (apis, best programming language for the job, kernel docs, etc)? i'd like this to be cross platform (linux, bsd, and osx - though i only have one fbsd box so that's not a biggy and idk osx is possible because it's close source). i realize more comes out of the console than what i see, so what's the best way of filtering this on the fly (i don't want overhead like strace)? should i look at libev or some type of message queue system?

... and, if such a system already exists, by all means, point me in that direction instead :)

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