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I would love to be able to see a simple list of every CSS property a given browser supports (the browser I need to especially read about it IE8..). Any thoughts on where to find such a list(s)?

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Open IE8 to any page, press F12 select an element and view the style tab/CSS properties (it can show only those set and all defaults) – scunliffe Aug 28 '12 at 1:12
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The Mozilla Developer Network has the best CSS documentation in my opinion:

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"Can I use" ( is a good start, but it's organized by property, not by browser.

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Here is a complete list of CSS properties: If there is a specific property you want to find the compatability for, just click on it and read "Browser Support" section.

For a list of CSS3 and HTML5 features I like this site as well: as it will allow you to quickly identify a specific feature. Although it's not as comprehensive as the w3 schools reference.

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The CSS contents and browser compatibility page in has a nice breakdown by browser.

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There’s CSS reference information by Microsoft, describing CSS as recognized by various versions of IE.

There’s a also CSS Compatibility and Internet Explorer, which focuses on describing what features of CSS3 have been implemented in IE. So it does not describe vendor−specific features.

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