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Sorry this is obviously my first time here, I am just learning how to work in javascript. My question is this: I have some basic calculations determing a price of a service for our non-profit. t is the number of rooms * 0.81. But we have a monthly minimum of $60. So I need to know how I would factor that into the pricing function. I know it goes that "if x < 60, then 60", just not sure how the language would be written. I will include the full js.

var listenerFieldIDs = {"roomCountID":"item4_text_1"}; //Currently the only form we are using for room count has this value set as its ID attribute.

var impactFields = ["item12_text_1","item1_text_1","item16_text_1","item18_text_1","item20_text_1"]; //Field IDs for the form that will be changed constantly.
var estimatedBottleSize = 1.5, occupancyRate = (60 / 100), collectionDuration = 365, soapOuncesRecoverable = 0.63, bottleOuncesRecoverable = 0.47,lbConversion = 0.0626, rate = 0.81;

var $ = function(id){ //Shortcut to save some typing. Instead of having to write out document.getElementById(elementID) every time I need to access an element, I can put $(elementID).property or $(elementID).method() I need more easily.
    return document.getElementById(id);

var updateFormField = function(id,amount){ //Updates a form field when gives the element ID and the amount.
    $(id).value = amount;

var updateForm = function(roomCount){ 

    // This is called when all form data needs to be updated. This is generally invoked each time a keystroke in the room count field.
    updateFormField(impactFields[0],calculateLbsOfSoap(roomCount).toFixed(2)); //Updating the first form field after calculating the total weight of soap in lbs.
    updateFormField(impactFields[1],calculateLbsOfBottles(roomCount).toFixed(2)); //Same thing as above, but bottles/amenities.
    updateFormField(impactFields[2],calculateBarsOfSoap(roomCount).toFixed(0)); //Updating the third form field after calculating the total number of distributed units.
    updateFormField(impactFields[3],calculateBottles(roomCount).toFixed(0)); //Same as above, but bottles/amenities.
    updateFormField(impactFields[4],("$" + calculatePrice(roomCount).toFixed(2))); //Updating price.

var listenForNumbers = function(event){ //This function is acting as a handler for when anything is entered into the field.

var calculateLbsOfSoap = function (rmCnt){ // Calculate the weight of soap and return the amount.
    return checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0 : ((soapOuncesRecoverable * lbConversion) * (rmCnt * occupancyRate) * collectionDuration); 

var calculateLbsOfBottles = function (rmCnt){ // Calculate the weight of bottled amenities and return the amount.
    return checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0 : ((bottleOuncesRecoverable * lbConversion) * (rmCnt * occupancyRate) * collectionDuration);

var calculateBarsOfSoap = function(rmCnt){ // Calculate how many bars are distributed if the room count is not 0.
    return checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0 : ((calculateLbsOfSoap(rmCnt) * 16) / 3);

var calculateBottles = function(rmCnt){ // Calculate how many bottles are distributed if the room count is not 0.
    return checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0 : (((calculateLbsOfBottles(rmCnt) * 16) / estimatedBottleSize) * (2 / 3)); 

var calculatePrice = function(rmCnt){

    return checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0 : (rmCnt * rate);

var checkCount = function(count){ //If the count is 0  or less than 0, the number is useless so just return 0 to prevent odd results.
    return (count < 0 || count == 0) ? true : false; 

var initializeRealTimeCalcToForm = function(){ 

    } else{
    //But if NOT IE... :-D


window.onload = function(){  

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Can you explain better what those variables mean and what you want? –  Oriol Aug 28 '12 at 1:24
What's checkCount? What's rate? What's rmCnt? –  Gabriel Florit Aug 28 '12 at 1:25
You have not asked a question, so we are unclear how to help. Please edit your question, ask it, and tell us what your are seeing and why it is wrong. –  walrii Aug 28 '12 at 2:04
Sorry, I have updated the question to actually be a question. –  Jeremy Chambers Aug 28 '12 at 2:19
You should really consider using jQuery instead of doing all the IE-specific stuff manually. Saves you a lot of time and nerves. –  ThiefMaster Aug 28 '12 at 2:21

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If you only want to set a minimum value of 60 to the variable myvar, you can do



Then, if you want the value returned by calculatePrice to be at least 60, use:

var calculatePrice=function(rmCnt){
    return Math.max(60,checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0 : (rmCnt * rate));

Note 1:

Do you know that you can declare functions like this?

function calculatePrice(rmCnt){
    return Math.max(60,checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0 : (rmCnt * rate));

It's shorter and this way you can call the function before declaring it!

Note 2:

If you want that value to be at least 60, I don't understand the following code:

checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0

Why 0?

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So, in my script, where would i place that, and what should myvar be changed to? –  Jeremy Chambers Aug 28 '12 at 2:29
@JeremyChambers Which is the value you want to be at least 60 ? –  Oriol Aug 28 '12 at 2:30
var calculatePrice –  Jeremy Chambers Aug 28 '12 at 2:32
I believe to checkCount(rmCnt) ? 0 is to determine that the room count is not 0. Then it would be an illogical formula and throw an error. –  Jeremy Chambers Aug 28 '12 at 2:44
thank you, that worked perfect. Just used your first example. I really know just enough about javascript to be dangerous. Really appreciate the assistance. I'm going to have another one tomorrow, almost same form, but doing some different functions. –  Jeremy Chambers Aug 28 '12 at 2:45

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