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I had the following if statement in a shared view:

<% if activity.holder.user.profile_type == "Manager" %>
<% elsif profile == "managers" %>
  <%= link_to, managers_enterprise_path(activity.holder) %>
<% else %>
  <%= %>
<% end %>

profile is a local string variable that will be "enterprises" or "managers" depending which profile is logged in!

activity is a local variable too from an #each statement

The view is shared between only two users with differents profiles (Enterprise and Manager), with this constraint:

  • If the managers is the owner of activity it should display DAMANAGER

  • When I'm seeing as manager unless the holder is the manager it should display a link to show the enterprise that owns this activity.

  • When I'm seeing as enterprise it should display, who owns the activity, the holder name. Without links.

So I struggled myself and refactor from that to this, that's what I got by now:

<%= link_to_if (profile == 'managers'),, managers_enterprise_path(activity.holder) %>

But this doesn't display DAMANAGER and furthermore it shows the enterprise's id equal to manager's id, since it pass the manager to managers_enterprise_path. The question is:

How I can improve it?

Thanks in advance, tell me if you need more code!

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I don't see a maintainable way to do it without if ... else ... end. The elsif ... else ... end part can be replaced with a link_to_if:

<% if activity.holder.user.profile_type == "Manager" %>
<% else %>
  <%= link_to_if profile == "managers",, managers_enterprise_path(activity.holder) %>
<% end %>
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