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I have a select list of options that I would like to change to clickable radio buttons.

Here is my select list:

<select id="VariationGroup44" class="select" name="dlVariationGroup44">
<option value="Select Color"> Select Color </option>
<option selected="selected" value="1"> Black </option>
<option value="2"> Red </option>
<option value="3"> Green </option>
<option value="4"> Blue </option>

I've successfully converted this into a UL, but the options were no longer clickable which is why I thought radio buttons would work better. All suggestions are welcomed and very much appreciated!

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  1. Iterate over the options.
  2. Take what you need
  3. Build new checkboxes.
  4. Append them to an element.

The Code:

$('#VariationGroup44 option').each(function(i,obj){
  $('<li><input type="radio" name="chkOpt'+i+'" value="'+$(obj).val()+'"/><label for="chkOpt'+i+'"> '+$(this).text()+'</label></li>').appendTo('ul');

The working jsFiddle.

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function replaceSelect(select) {
  var opts = $(select).find('option');
  var name = $(select).attr('name');
  var id = $(select).attr('id');
  var list = [];
  opts.each(function() {
          '<input type="radio" name="'+ name +'">'+ 
  $(select).replaceWith('<ul id="'+ id +'">'+ list.join('') +'</ul>');

// Usage
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