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I have installed apache tomcat on remote ubuntu server. I have installed and configured it properly(ps -ef | grep tomcat lists the tomcat process). I have deployed a war file of my app in webapps directory. I have public ip address of the server and also i know the listening port of tomcat.

When I enter the public_ip_address_of_server:tomcat_listening_port/my_application_name on the address bar of browser in my local windows machine, I get "could not connect to public_ip_address_of_server:tomcat_listening_port" error

What might be the cause? Your help will be highly appreciated.

NOTE: I have tested tomcat is running properly on server.

Thanks in advance

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check /etc/hosts file and make sure you have the public IP listed there –  Satya Aug 28 '12 at 3:43
@Satya I already mentioned it as: public_ip<space>random_name in hosts file but problem persists –  LoveForDroid Aug 28 '12 at 3:47
have you checked apache logs , they might give you a better idea –  Satya Aug 28 '12 at 3:50
No clue there too. As I told the error message says "could not connect to public_ip_address_of_server:tomcat_listening_port" hence i think the server url itself is not accessible. –  LoveForDroid Aug 28 '12 at 3:58
then check via iptables for tomcat port being forwarded to apache , if not recreate a rule and then restart iptables and hit the url –  Satya Aug 28 '12 at 4:01

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Looks like a n/w issue to me or at-least a connectivity issue. Few things you can give a try..

  1. Can you access the app from the same machine using public_ip_address_of_server:tomcat_listening_port/my_application_name (I have seen your NOTE. Don't try local host, use the ip directly.)
  2. Can you try pinging this machine from other box.
  3. Can you just hit public_ip_address_of_server:tomcat_listening_port and see if the tomcat default page is comming. If not then its not able to connect only and its a n/w issue.
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Also can you try this on the ubuntu box... google.co.in/… and see it matches with your external ip what ever you have purchased? If you want to do using command prompt try this: lynx --dump whatismyip.org –  KD. Aug 28 '12 at 4:01

1) Ping to the ip_address where tomcat server is running; If ping fails then first fix network issue.

2) If ping succeed then see is there any firewall configured on the network; If configured then bring that down.

3) Try running this command on local machine to see you are able to connect to the port of the server machine

     nmap -p port ipaddress (for tcp)
     nmap -sU -p port ipaddress (for udp) 

4) If fails, then run the above command in the server machine to see it works there. If works then you can definitely say there is some network or firewall issue.

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Thank you everyone for your help. I was able to resolve the issue. I know it is weird but it wasn't any firewall or server issue. I just installed tomcat manager and uploaded my war file from there and just restarted my tomcat. It helped my application running

Thank you all once again.

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