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I need to create a CSV based on html form input. I have it working, but if someone puts a comma in one of the fields, then there will be an issue. This is very likely to happen due to the expected input. Is there a way to replace commas in the input string before it gets written to the file?

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The best way to create CSV files with Python (including automatically dealing with this comma issue) is to use the csv standard library module. You can use this by creating a CSV writer object with

import csv
writer = csv.writer(open(filename))

Then you can actually write to the file with writer.writerow or writer.writerows

If you want the columns in your file to be named, you can use a csv.DictWriter

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Great! Didn't know about this. Thanks! –  Sneagan Aug 28 '12 at 3:56

Use csv module it will quote the commas for you:

>>> import csv
>>> import sys
>>> csv.writer(sys.stdout).writerow(['field with comma ,, ..', '2nd field'])
"field with comma ,, ..",2nd field

To read it back:

>>> from StringIO import StringIO
>>> next(csv.reader(StringIO('"field with comma ,, ..",2nd field')))
['field with comma ,, ..', '2nd field']
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Didn't know about this. Many thanks! –  Sneagan Aug 28 '12 at 3:56

You don't need to replace the commas, the csv module will handle it for you. It will quote those fields that contain embedded commas. For example:

import csv
data = [['field 1', 'field 2', 'wobble', 'a,b,c'],
        ['another field 1', 'more field 2', 'wibble', 'c,b,a']]

with open('test.csv', 'w') as f:
    w = csv.writer(f)

$ cat test.csv
field 1,field 2,wobble,"a,b,c"
another field 1,more field 2,wibble,"c,b,a"
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Look at the cvs.writer documentation:


and pass a proper 'quotechar' to the constructor in order to support proper quoting

or you replace the related chars inside your application while generating the CSV (outside the scope of the csv writer).

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Thanks for the cite. Didn't know about that writer! –  Sneagan Aug 28 '12 at 3:57

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