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Hi guys I'm having a hard time with the proportion of elements on a webpage i'm currently working on. let me get to the point. i have a div with 960px max width, so i made an horizontal tab menu using ul, li and a inside. the menu it's sharing line with the company logo, so i want the menu to fill the remaining space of the line (made the logo 29% and the menu 70% width). I did it when page it's 100% zoom, the problem begins when i want to zoom int or out, looks like the text in the a it's not zooming acordly to the elementes on the page and it may cause the ul floods and send the last li to the next line. I dont know if it's a stupid problem, but can't find the answer . Please help!

the html

<div id=encabezado>
<img src="svg/gerenpro.svg" class=logo>
<ul id=menuprincipal  >
<li id=inicio class=elemizquierda><a href="#" onmouseover="resaltar('inicio')" Onclick="mostarOcultar('tab1','tab2','tab3','tab4','tab5')" >Inicio</a></li>
<li id=laempresa><a href="#" onmouseover="resaltar('laempresa')" Onclick="mostarOcultar('tab2','tab1','tab3','tab4','tab5') " >La empresa</a></li>
<li id=obrasyservicios><a href="#" onmouseover="resaltar('obrasyservicios')" Onclick="mostarOcultar('tab3','tab1','tab4','tab2','tab5') " >Obras y servicios</a></li>
<li id=responsabilidadsocial><a href="#" onmouseover="resaltar('responsabilidadsocial')" Onclick="mostarOcultar('tab4','tab2','tab3','tab1','tab5')"> Responsabilidad social  </a></li>
<li id=contactanos class=elemderecha><a href="#" onmouseover="resaltar('contactanos')" Onclick="mostarOcultar('tab5','tab1','tab3','tab4','tab2')" >Contáctanos</a></li>

the css


#menuprincipal {
list-style-type: none;
width: 70%;
display: inline-block;
padding: 0;
margin: 0px 0px 5px 0px;

#menuprincipal li{
list-style-type: none;
float: left;
height: 62px;
padding: 0px 1.5% 0 1.5%;
background-color: #0B3481;
display: inline-block;
border-left: 1px solid #081F48;
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1 Answer

I think you need to set the logo to a fixed width, not a % - images don't scale the way you have them here.

EDIT: Actually, also, where are your font size settings? That will effect how the ul zooms.

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yeah i tried with fixed width,not working though.. haha sorry i set the size to small , then 1em and still nothing. it's definitely the text, when i zoom out the text wont shrink as much and it will push the li to next line, i hate that. right now to fix that, i made the ul not to fill the width so it can have clearance (i want to fill the width) –  aXul Aug 28 '12 at 4:07
i don't know... when you zoom right in, i don't think there's any way for the ul to all stay on one line. the text is too big when it's zoomed. –  zenkaty Aug 28 '12 at 5:26
i'll stick to not filling the width and let the ul have some clearance to expand on zooming for now.. thanks for your help, im still looking for a way to fill the width –  aXul Aug 28 '12 at 12:21
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