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I added

#define LOG_NDEBUG 0
#define LOG_TAG "StagefrightMediaScanner"
#include <utils/Log.h>

in the libstagefright/StagefrightMediaScanner.cpp

but can not print anything using LOGV and LOGE, does any other things can I need to do?

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does it uses android-ndk ? –  Lucifer Aug 28 '12 at 3:58
@Lucifer No, I am using android 4.0 source code to debug the framework's issue. –  Victor S Aug 28 '12 at 4:00

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You can use the following code to get Log

  __android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_ERROR, "TRACKERS", "%s", Str);

and add the following library

#include <android/log.h>
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what is Str in this case? Is it a variable, what will be its value –  Shirish Herwade Sep 10 '14 at 11:49

You can check frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/Android.mk, whether there is


in it.

Then, under frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/

$ mm

$ adb push $OUT/system/lib/libstagefright.so /system/lib/ 

$ adb shell killall mediaserver 

Then reboot your phone or am start a MEDIA_MOUNTED intent, MediaScanner will work, and the logs you just added(either ALOGE/ALOGV or LOGE/LOGV) should be shown.

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No you have done right. Just check it whether you are using ALOGV() which is similar to printf(),if you want to print a integer with a log then you can write like this :" ALOGV("Integer is %d",integer);".

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