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How can execute a function after a number of ajax requests have all completed regardless of whether they succeeded or error-ed out?

I've been trying to use $.when.apply(this, array) to pass an array of deferred jqXHR objects. However just like the docs say

In the multiple-Deferreds case where one of the Deferreds is rejected, jQuery.when immediately >fires the failCallbacks for its master Deferred. Note that some of the Deferreds may still be >unresolved at that point.

How can leverage jQuery deferred objects to always wait for all the ajax calls to finish?

Maybe I should create my own deferred that will wrap all the other deferreds? If so I'm not quite clear how to set that up.

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looks like this is the solution i was looking for. you have to wrap each ajax call in a deferred that gets resolved via the complete function. then pass the whole array into when(). –  makerberg Aug 28 '12 at 6:09

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