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I have problems when I use ComboBox in Delphi XE2 with Custom styles(Emerald Light Slate) and this property:

BiDiMode := bdRightToLeft;
Style := csDropDownList;

That ComboBox without Custom style:

enter image description here

And with Custom styles(Emerald Light Slate):

enter image description here

How i can fix it?

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The issue it seems located in the DrawItem method of the TComboBoxStyleHook (the vcl style hook of the TComboBox), you can fix this overriding this method.

Try this sample code (this solution is far from being perfect but is a start)

  TComboBoxStyleHookFix = class(TComboBoxStyleHook)
    procedure DrawItem(Canvas: TCanvas; Index: Integer;
      const R: TRect; Selected: Boolean); override;

{ TComboBoxStyleHookFix }

procedure TComboBoxStyleHookFix.DrawItem(Canvas: TCanvas; Index: Integer;
  const R: TRect; Selected: Boolean);
  DIS  : TDrawItemStruct;
  Text : string;
  if Control.BiDiMode<>bdRightToLeft then
    FillChar(DIS, SizeOf(DIS), 0);
    DIS.CtlType := ODT_COMBOBOX;
    DIS.CtlID := GetDlgCtrlID(Handle);
    DIS.itemAction := ODA_DRAWENTIRE;
    DIS.hDC := Canvas.Handle;
    DIS.hwndItem := Handle;
    DIS.rcItem := R;
    DIS.rcItem.Left:=DIS.rcItem.Left+ (DIS.rcItem.Width-Canvas.TextWidth(Text)-5);    
    DIS.itemID := Index;
    DIS.itemData := SendMessage(ListHandle, LB_GETITEMDATA, 0, 0);
    if Selected then
      DIS.itemState := DIS.itemState {or ODS_FOCUS} or ODS_SELECTED;
    SendMessage(Handle, WM_DRAWITEM, Handle, LPARAM(@DIS));

and use in this way

 TStyleManager.Engine.RegisterStyleHook(TComboBox, TComboBoxStyleHookFix);

enter image description here

Don't forget report this bug in the QC page of Embarcadero.

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Thanks! i cant Reported! i am iranian and Embarcadero don't let we to that! :( – hassan118 Aug 28 '12 at 18:04
how i can use it in all of my project (e.g frames)? – hassan118 Aug 28 '12 at 18:27
Am i used true? link – hassan118 Aug 28 '12 at 19:35
move the line TStyleManager.Engine.RegisterStyleHook(TComboBox, TComboBoxStyleHookFix); to the initialization part of your unit like so – RRUZ Aug 28 '12 at 23:05

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