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Say I had a string that always had a two letter identifier such as ID or XX, or another variant. The only thing that is consistent is that the identifier is two capital letters.

eg: Half, ID, Acre

Is it possible to only add a <br/> after the ID part of the string with jQuery?

eg Half, ID,<br/> Acre

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If it's string manipulation you're after you'd use plain JavaScript, not jQuery.

The following adds "<br/>" after any instance of two capital letters in a row followed by a comma:

var s = "Half, ID, Acre";

var sWithBR = s.replace(/([A-Z][A-Z],)/g, "$1<br/>");

If you also wanted to allow for two capitals at the end of the string with no trailing comma then you could use the following regex instead:


If you only want to do the first one, e.g., only change ID within "Half, ID, XY, ZZ, Acre" just remove the g flag from the end of the regex.

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Another way of doing this - using native JavaScript's .split() and .join():

var oldString = "Half, ID, Acre";
var newString = oldString.split('ID,').join('ID,<br/>');

Working example here: http://livecoding.io/3495095

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