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I'm creating a little application and needs to use Template Functions. Pretty much it is supposed ask the user to enter 2 of some data type and then tell them which one of the two is greater. So as a template function I want to tell what is being passed to my function. For example, if the function takes doubles I want to be able to ask the user "Enter 2 Doubles." and so forth. This is the function call and set up:

int main(){
    getInput(intA, intB);
    getInput(doubleA, doubleB);


template <typename TYPE>
TYPE getInput(TYPE a, TYPE b){
    cout << "Enter 2 " << TYPE << endl;
    cin >> a >> b;

This application is a work in progress but it just bugs me asking the user to "Enter Some Input" etc. Not even sure if this is possible but thought it would be cool.

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cout << typeid(a).name();
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Hey that worked like a charm. Thanks! – Howdy_McGee Aug 28 '12 at 4:53
You're welcome. @Howdy_McGee – Mark Garcia Aug 28 '12 at 4:54

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