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i have a jquery plugin that create a hover over text box for A tags.

the plugin works by extracting the text from the 'title attr' of the A tag and then placing it in a div tag ( called #hoverText). the #hoeverText div tag is 'positioned absolutely ' to be 10px from the X and Y coordinates of the A tag.

however, this portion of my code is not working and i dont know how to fix it. The hoverText div tag seem to stay at the top of the page. so, if i have a A tag at the bottom of a page, the hoverText div tage will not be visible as its at the top of the page

i have placed a copy of my plugin at the bottom of this page and would really appricate any advice or help.

(function ($) {

$.fn.hoverText= function() {

 $(this).after('<div id="hoverText"></div>' );

//  if (title != undefined || title != ''){

      title = $(this).attr ('title');
      $(this).attr( 'title', '');  

    }).mousemove(function(e) {

    var top= e.clientY + 10;
    var left= e.clientX + 10;

//  $('#pos').text(top + '  ' + left );

$('#hoverText').css('top', top).css('left', left ).text(title).show();
}).mouseout(function() {

    $(this).attr('title',  title );


}) (jQuery); 
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Instead of using absolute positioning, i would just add the div after the A and then position the div using margin or padding. Absolute positioning means the item will go to position itself according to the parent item (when given a top, left, right, bottom). If you really want to stick with the top and left approach, you could try relative positioning. –  Jozzeh Aug 28 '12 at 6:14

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Variables title, top and left must be declared as global variables so they can be used in every function.

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hi. i preume that the way to make a global variable is to simply remove the word "var" from the statment. eg instead of var top= e.clientY + 10; i will declar it as follows: top= e.clientY + 10;. Can you please confirm whether this is the correct approach to make a global variable. i did try this but it made no diffrence to the script –  andreea115 Aug 28 '12 at 9:14
You have to declare variables title, top and left right after function declaration, so like this: $.fn.hoverText= function() { var title, top, left; ..... –  JanHocevar Aug 29 '12 at 10:40

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