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I am working on a small command line video editing tool. I have created almost everything but I am stuck at encoding of result file in to H.264. I installed melt from debian repository. encoding wasn't working so i tried building melt on my own. but it showing some error while disabling qimage and i can't figure it out.

Following is an example command:

melt Wildlife.wmv -consumer avformat:test.mp4 vcodec=libx264

Tt starts processing but shows:

[consumer avformat] video codec libx264 unrecognised - ignoring

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You need to install libx264 on your system. Do you have that?

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Yes, i have installed x264 and ffmpeg also, if i try encoding a media file using ffmpeg to h.264 it works just fine. – bitkot Aug 28 '12 at 12:03
Then while building melt do you have to explicitly enable libx264? – av501 Aug 28 '12 at 12:06
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I fixed it by removing melt and ffmpeg installed from the repository and compiled it manually. it fixed the issue and also a latest version with some bug fixes and new features. on repository it 0.0.7 but if complied manually it is at 0.8.9 right now.

here is the instructions to compile melt. melt script

use the melted section to only compile command line video editor use any other to install any gui video editors like OpenShot or kdenlive

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