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I have been reading a lot about comparison between plastic SCM and other source control repositories (Except TFS) - but not really much about Plastic v/s TFS.

Anyone out there who has worked with both systems and can provide a comparison?

I am at the cross-road of moving from VSS to a better Source Control system.

Plastic has been on my mind but I also hear that TFS is also good at branching and merging.

My criteria for my new version control system:

  1. We are an ASP.Net/C# development shop, so Visual Studio integration is number one priority.
  2. Branching should be a breeze.
  3. We are not necessarily looking at a free system. A small license cost is fine. (TFS cost is a bit high for us).
  4. Need ability to migrate in the middle of the project - so we need the history in the new system.
  5. If the system offers more that Version control (Item tracking/Bug tracking, Project management) - the better!
  6. Build automation - would love to have it.
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