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I've heard DHH and the other great 37Signal guys talk a lot about Russian Doll Caching and I understand the concept of it, but I don't really know how to apply it to my code.

How would you apply it?

NEW EDIT: How would you apply the gem to a piece of code with a lot of if statements?

    <% if signed_in? %>
      <div class="timeline">
        <%= link_to image_tag(current_user.avatar), designer_path(current_user), :class => "avatar topimg" %>
        <%= content_tag(:span, "your profile", :class => "description") %>
        <%= link_to "", new_design_path, :class => "upload icon-upload" %>
        <%= content_tag(:span, "upload a new design", :class => "description") %>
        <%= link_to "", designer_path(current_user)+"/favorites", :class => "upload icon-star" unless current_user.followees_by_type("design").blank? %>
        <%= content_tag(:span, "designs you've favorited", :class => "description") unless current_user.followees_by_type("design").blank? %>
        <%= content_tag(:span, current_user.current_invites, :class => "invites_count") unless current_user.current_invites <= 0 || current_user.full_member == false %>
        <%= link_to "", "#", :class => "invite icon-plus "+("blue" unless current_user.current_invites == 0).to_s unless current_user.current_invites < 0 || current_user.full_member == false  %>
        <%= content_tag(:span, "invite a friend ("+current_user.current_invites.to_s+" invites left)", :class => "description") unless current_user.current_invites < 0  %>
        <%= content_tag(:span, activity, :class => "activity_count") unless activity == 0 %>
        <%= link_to "", designer_path(current_user)+"/statistics", :class => "upload icon-activity "+("blue" unless activity == 0).to_s unless activity == 0 %>
        <%= content_tag(:span, ("your activity ("+pluralize(activity, 'new thing')+")"), :class => "description") unless activity == 0%>
    <% else %>
      <%= link_to raw('<i class="icon-twitter icon-font"></i><span>login with twitter</span>'), "/auth/twitter", :class => "btn btn-twitter grey-tweet" %>
    <% end %>
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FYI: This has been rolled into Rails 4. –  Paul Ardeleanu Nov 11 '13 at 11:58

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Check out the Gem that they released, it has some decent documentation.

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Awesome. I didn't know they released a gem for it. Sweet :-). Approved your answer, but would love to see an example of how you would use russian doll caching when there is a lot of if-statements. Like information that is dependent on if the user is signed in. Pasted a piece of code above. –  Holger Edward Wardlow Sindbæk Aug 28 '12 at 14:58
Not sure...I haven't used it myself. However, I would recommend starting a new SO question about that...rather than crowding this one ;) –  marcamillion Aug 28 '12 at 22:44
Hehe ok... I will. Thanks a lot for the link. –  Holger Edward Wardlow Sindbæk Aug 28 '12 at 22:48
Np....good luck! –  marcamillion Aug 29 '12 at 1:06

He also expains it (and a few other things from Basecamp source code) in this video:


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Was actually starting to watch that video last night. Gonna watch the rest of it today. It's a good one. –  Holger Edward Wardlow Sindbæk Aug 28 '12 at 14:59

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