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Here below is the code I am using for class:

@interface DBUser : NSManagedObject
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString * username;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString * email;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString * accessToken;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSNumber * userID;

@implementation DBUser
@dynamic username;
@dynamic email;
@dynamic userID;
@dynamic accessToken;

here is my mapping:

RKManagedObjectMapping* userMapping = [RKObjectMapping mappingForClass:[DBUser class]];
userMapping.setDefaultValueForMissingAttributes = NO;
[userMapping mapKeyPathsToAttributes:
 @"id", @"userID",
 @"email", @"email",
 @"username", @"username",
 @"access_token", @"accessToken",

 [objectManager.mappingProvider registerMapping:userMapping withRootKeyPath:@"user"];

And route:

[objectManager.mappingProvider registerMapping:userMapping withRootKeyPath:@"user"];

Here is the json object that returns from service:

"user": {
"id": 1,
"username": "username",
"email": "email@email.com",
"access_token": "59f99efcffa9af7252d5ce1839082bd7e740e289e2577dda592c68647dc4e0db"

But in objectDidLoad method I am having some data failure:

<DBUser: 0x5939cc0> (entity: DBUser; id: 0x4f432e0 <x-coredata://6F302428-0538-41D0-9627-81C80E905DA8/DBUser/p11> ; data: <fault>)

Here I am attaching the complete log for the trace. It detects the object map it well but when i get self it do not show any data.


What is wrong with this code or what I am missing in it?

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It is no data failure. The object is returned as FAULT. It does not mean that their is data failure. Try setting the returnsObjectsAsFaults property to NO.

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