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I have the following project structure

-->Starnderd Location

Idea of above project structure is that we have multiple projects which contains subprojects, each project can have dependencies to other projects. Also subprojects inside the project can have dependencies to other subprojects within the same project. Projects will be specified in the settings.gradle in the root. Also settings.gradle inside each project will say what are the subprojects of that particular project.

My settings.gradle in the root would looks like

include 'Project1',

and Project1 settings.gradle will looks like

include 'SubProject11'

other depndecy orders are defined in the respective build.gradle files If I rand gradle clean build install inside the root location(Standar location) it doesn't seems to use configurations in the Project level settings.gradle file.

What I'm doing here wrong?

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Currently, Gradle only supports a single settings.gradle files per build. This may change in the future.

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Anyone know if this has changed yet? Current gradle version is 1.10. I don't see anything that it has changed but hoping it has. –  Matt Wolfe Jan 29 at 2:37
It hasn't changed yet. –  Peter Niederwieser Jan 29 at 3:37

I have also looked into this and you can kind of do it, but it is very ugly! The reason this works at all for us is that the vast majority of time, we just want to build from the top most level.

If it helps you at all, what you need to do is to have the top-most settings.gradle file properly reference every project-subproject directly. Get this working first.

Then if Project1 and Project2 (and so on) are capable of being independently built from one another you can make a local settings.gradle file for that project. Since, as I said above, this is not what we usually do, we call this file settings.project1. If we want to use this file, we copy it to settings.gradle. I know ugly.

But it actually gets worse :) Once you put this settings.gradle file in place, you build from Project1 will no longer see the top level build.gradle file where you probably have needed things defined. To invoke this, you would need something like this added to every project-level build.gradle file:

if (project.hasProperty('local')) {
    apply from: '../build.gradle'

Then you can run the build as: gradle -Plocal build

Ugly, but if you need it, it does at least work. And in the interest of full-disclosure, having put this into place a couple of weeks ago, none of the developers have needed and/or used it. Will probably remove it in another couple of weeks if it continues to not be used.

Remember, that if you build from subproject itself, only that subproject (and any dependent projects) will be built (although all the gradle scripts will be compiled/evaluated).

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