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I am trying to update CurrentLocation to Google Latitude using google-api-ruby-client.

I already have an access token, and refresh token which I obtained from mobile app and sent to by server on Ruby on Rails. The following is the code which I am trying to execute.

    client = Google::APIClient.new(:key => gltoken)
    client.authorization.client_id = '<my client id>'
    client.authorization.client_secret = '<my client secret>'

    client.authorization.access_token = "<the access token i ve>"
    client.authorization.refresh_token = "<refresh token i ve>"
    client.authorization.scope ='https://www.googleapis.com/auth/latitude.all.best https://www.googleapis.com/auth/latitude.current.best'

    client.host = "www.googleapis.com"
    latitudeapi = client.discovered_api('latitude', 'v1')

    result = client.execute(
      :api_method => 'latitude.currentLocation.insert',
      :parameters => {
        'kind' => 'latitude#location',

    logger.debug("Response #{result.body}")

I am getting the following result:

 {"message":"{\"error\":{\"errors\":[{\"domain\":\"global\",\"reason\":\"invalid\",\"message\":\"Invalid Value\"}],\"code\":400,\"message\":\"Invalid Value\"}}"}

I am not able to find out which Value that I pass is invalid. I tried to update the same set of values as below to https://www.googleapis.com/latitude/v1/currentLocation?key= and it worked.


Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <My access token>
Host: googleapis.com


  "data": {

Thanks in Advance.

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Figured out the answer after debugging the gem code. The following is how the call has to be made.

result = client.execute(
            :api_method => 'latitude.currentLocation.insert',
            :body => "{\"data\": {\"kind\":\"latitude#location\",\"latitude\":#{latitude},\"longitude\":#{longitude}}}",
            :headers => {'Content-Type'=> 'application/json'}

Latitude API's look for :body instead of :parameters.

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