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Every morning the SBS 2011 sends me the same error log, I need to understand if there is a way to solve all the errors. I often read on different blogs that these errors are not important, here they are, thanks for you help:

enter code here

Event Source Event ID Last Occurence Total Occurences

WinRM 142 28/08/2012 07:30:01 240

WinRM 129 28/08/2012 07:30:01 98

MSExchange CmdletLogs 6 28/08/2012 07:30:01 96Event Details: Échec de la cmdlet. Cmdlet Get-User, paramètres {Identity=NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM}.

Disk 11 28/08/2012 07:00:03 1

SharePoint Foundation 6398 28/08/2012 04:31:17 1

Windows Server Update Serv 13032 28/08/2012 03:33:31 4

DCOM 10016 28/08/2012 00:52:39 9

SharePoint Foundation 5586 28/08/2012 00:00:06 1

SharePoint Foundation 5767 27/08/2012 12:00:57 1

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Unfortunately there's not a large amount of detail in your question regarding the errors apart from their event IDs.

I did see 6398, 5586 and 5767 though, and I recall seeing these a couple of days ago on an SBS 2011 server I was maintaining.

Please check for a message about proc_UpdateStatisticsNVP. If your message contains this, then you may find the following link useful.


In regards to the 10016 error, this is pretty common on SBS 2011 post install, and the following link may assist with this.


Hopefully these point you in the right direction.

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