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I got my Qt project and I'm using Qt Creator. I want to unit-test all my code.
However I'm quite new at QTestLib framework but everyone recommended it for testing Qt-based source. Now I'm a little confused how to structure test project with app project.

  1. Can I put all source and testing code in same project? If so, how could I manage them? I didn't find any option that let me start app or start test in one project.
  2. If I put app source and testing code in separate projects, the testing project will reference app project, that's not quite convenient.
  3. For lots for classes required to be tested, how do I manage testing code?

How do you guys manage testing code in such a situation? Thanks.

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fifth.. can you accept more answers?? –  UmNyobe Dec 17 '12 at 14:00
Sure. @UmNyobe, I finally deployed source and testing code in separate projects. The test project referenced same sources by pri file with relative path. –  fifth Dec 18 '12 at 2:36
if you give clear description of what you have done, you get my bounty :D –  UmNyobe Dec 18 '12 at 8:16
@UmNyobe, sorry for late reply, just check my post below –  fifth Dec 25 '12 at 2:48

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My solution,

First structure source like below


Under MyApp project, use a MyAppSrc.pri to locate source files,

    ../../../framework/src/myapp.cpp \

HEADERS += \ ../../../framework/inc/myapp.h \ ../../../framework/inc/mycontrol.h

INCLUDEPATH += ../../../framework/extlibs

include this pri in MyApp.pro like


Then structure the testing project exactly like the main project, with one extra include in MyAppUnitTest.pro

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I use Qt Creator by CMake instead of qmake to build my Qt project.

Basically I have to folders:


Each test is a program in itself testing a class. The app to be tested is compiled as a library.. You compile all your sources in the folder src as a library.

// ClassTest.cpp
#include "ClassTest.h"
#include "Class2Test.h" // Class of the app

#include <QtTest/QtTest>

ClassTest::ClassTest( QObject* parent )
    : QObject(parent)

QTEST_MAIN( ClassTest )
#include "ClassTest.moc"

You just have to link your lib to your test executable.


in the src folder CMakeLists.txt example

add_library( MyAPP
target_link_libraries( MyAPP

in the tests folder CMakeLists.txt example, for each test.

qt4_automoc( ${test_src} )
add_executable( ${test_name} ${test_src} )
target_link_libraries( ${test_name}

It is still in the same project but you can add a flag to let the user compile the test or not. It is clean because the app stays untouched and it allows you to test each class of your app.

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a bit hard to read because of naming. What is a testclass and what is a class to test? –  relascope May 17 at 13:01

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