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In one web program , there is code fragment as follows:

(require mzlib/etc)
(define (h-handler base args)
 (do-h identity))

(define (do-h cont)
    (printf "~e\n" cont)
  (web-read/k "First number"
              (lambda (v1)
                (web-read/k "Second number"
                            (lambda (v2)
                              (cont (number->string (+ v1 v2)))))))])
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FYI, if you're using the #lang racket language, identity is built-in so you don't need mzlib/etc, which is mostly deprecated. You can also (require racket/function) for it. –  Asumu Takikawa Aug 28 '12 at 13:50

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Even if it weren't already implemented, identity is trivial to code:

(define (identity x) x)
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identity is just a name for a function that takes one argument and returns that argument. It works like this:

> (identity 4)
> (identity "hello world")
"hello world"
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