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I am using the Ruby Gem "databascdotcom" to integrate Salesforce in a Rails app and all works fine until i try it with sandbox account type "Configuration Only".

The following code work fine when i used with salesforce product account. Here is my code

def SalesForceFeed
   @oppID = params[:oppid]

    client = client.client_id #=> foo client.client_secret #=> bar
    client.authenticate :username => "", :password => "ThePasswordTheSecurityToken" #=> "the-oauth-token"
         @opp = Opportunity.find_by_Id(@oppID)
    rescue Exception=>e

But when i try to use it with salesforce sandbox account with username like "" I m getting following error "expired access/refresh token"

Any ideas?

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Got the issue.

Just need to add

host= ""

Thanks All

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