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Using sql server 2000


id value (float)

001 10.00
004 08.50

i want to check the value column, if is null then display 'NA'

Tried Query

Select id,
CASE WHEN value  IS NULL then '-' else value end  AS value
from table1


Select id,
isnull(value, '-') AS value
from table1

Both query showing error as "Error converting data type varchar to float."

How to solve this issue.

need query help

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4 Answers 4

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Select id, 
isnull(convert(varchar(20),value), '-') AS value 
from table1 
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SELECT id, CAST(COALESCE(value, 'NA') as VARCHAR(25)) as [Value]
FROM tableName
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use below query :

SELECT id, ISNULL( CAST(value as VARCHAR(25)), 'NA')) as [Value]
FROM tableName
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select id,cast(isnull(value,'') as varchar(10)) from table
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