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I am using CakePHP - 2.1

Whenever I tried to work with firebug to trace ajax requests in the website, then suddenly my Auth Session destroyed. It is not sometime but always.

To work with firebug, I just have to open the firebug before entering the credentials, then it works fine until I closes the firebug panel. I also tried with CakePHP-2.2.1 but the same result happened.

I am using Firefox 14.0.1

Is this a functionality implemented in latest version of CakePHP or is there any option of enable/disable so that I can use firebug anytime during my development work on the site, without re-entering the login credentials?

Thanks in Advance.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/1573550/… it is also representing the same problem. May be helpful for you –  Krishna Aug 30 '12 at 5:36

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I faced the same problem. You can set the CakePHP security level from HIGH to MEDIUM. You will find this code in \app\Config\core.php.

Configure::write('Security.level', 'Medium'); 
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