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How would you go about linking models using backbone-relational.js to then allow views specific to the id that the relations are keyed on?

As an example, model tickets hasMany model ticketAssignments, and model ticketAssignments hasOne model user. The flow of the app would be to see the full list of ticket(s), and then click into a ticket to see the list of user(s) assigned.

I have tried following the main backbone-relational example, but can't seem to get it working (let me know if example code would be helpful).

Any help appreciated.

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Basically what you're having is a many-to-many relationship with a linking model ticketAssignment. You could check out Backbone-JJRelational which provides many-to-many relationships without a linking model. Set up your models as described in the docs and then use something like this to get the users name:

ticket.get('users').each(function (user) {
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