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How Can i write a java code which scan a document from scanner and shows me in java tree. When i click scan, it scans domucemts on my scanner and shows me in the window. How can i write this? Is there any code example?

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You would normally use OCR to understand text from an image (or scan) but you have information in the form of a tree? Is it an Oak tree? ;) What sort of tree? I suspect you should start on much simpler things. –  Andrew Thompson Aug 28 '12 at 9:12
No I dont use OCR , it only scan as a image when i click scan button and , shows me in the window. It semms simple, but i dont know how can i do this. –  msari Aug 28 '12 at 9:40

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This task you are planning is very complex if you want to build the whole application by yourself. But with help of third-party tools you can do it with few lines of code. Steps:

  1. Use the software the came with the scanner or any other third party tools to scanner the document into pdf format.
  2. Use another software/library to extract text from pdf. As I googled, came across PDFBox API.

    PDFBox is a library which can handle different types of PDF documents including encrypted PDF formats and extracts text and has a command line utility as well to convert PDF to text documents.

    Example of using the API here

  3. Modify the class above or write a new class that will read the text file and construct the tree structure.

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I am saying again, I am not try to convert pdf to text file; It is simple, I want to scan image from my scanner and show me it in java tree. But you insist on telling me converting image to text file! I m going to say again I dont want to convert image to text file; I want to make simple scanner program, Could you show me the way; How can I do it? I am new in the stackoverflow. –  msari Aug 28 '12 at 11:12

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