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We have a very large database that we need to occasionally replicate on our dev+staging machines.

At the moment we use mysqldump and then import the database script using "mysql -u xx -p dbname < dumpscript.sql"

This would be fine if it didn't take 2 days to complete!

Is it possible to simply copy the entire database as a file from one server to another and skip the whole export/import nonsense?


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there are couple of solutions:

  • have a separate replication slave you can stop at any time and take the file-level backup
  • if you use the innodb engine - you can take file system level snapshot [eg with lvm] and then copy the files over to your test environment
  • if you have plenty of tables/databases - you can paralleled the dumping and restoring process to speed things up.
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The situation changed slightly since asking the original question and I instead only needed to produce a backup that didn't involve table locking in INNODB and was simpler to setup than the above suggestions.

The simplest situation I found is the --single-transaction option for mysqldump which will create an SQL dump without locking:

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