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As I want to test some inverted index compression algorithms, I need some standard datasets like those I mentioned above.

Are these datasets available as a free download?

As far as I know, these datasets are distributed by the University of Glasgow and like most other TREC test datasets, aren't free.

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Take a look at this.

Scroll down to Peer-to-Peer Testbed Definitions. But I'm not sure!

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I put my comment as an answer, because it was very long. Please read it and say what is your idea about writing a crawler. And what is your idea about twitter dataset? Do you have any information about it? Thanks – faghani Aug 31 '12 at 17:51

Notice: It is a comment for Majid’s answer. I put it as an answer, because it was very long.

As it is obvious from the name of these datasets, the size of WT2g is 2 Gigabytes and the size of WT10g is 10 Gigabytes. But the dataset that you[Majid] introduced to me, was very small. At first, I have thought this dataset is a subset of main dataset. But after I have downloaded it and saw it’s contains, I found out it is only contains the URL of sites that WT10g is crawled from them. Moreover, for each URL, it contains the number of pages that crawled from. (I mean the count of pages that crawled form each URL, not the pages themselves)
Totally it is seems that I can’t find this datasets for free, but I think it is possible to write a simple crawler and use the URLs that exists in the dataset which you[Majid] introduced, as crawl seeds. I think the collection that will be created with this method, will be similar to the primary one.

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