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What is the Java equivalent of a GWT Grid (where you can insert graphical object onto coordinates x,y on the Grid)? I've made something in Java that looks like it, made by using a JPanel with a GridLayout, but with the addition of the add(int x, int y) method, to support the placement of JButtons and JLabels and such on the Panel. Or is there no equivalent, and is my solution the best way to insert graphical content onto such a Panel?

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I think GridBagLayout is closer to what you actually want. You can specify the position of your component via GridBagConstraints. You then add the component using the constraints.

A quick example:

GridBagConstraints c = new GridBagConstraints();
// Position in upper left corner
c.gridx = 0;
c.gridy = 0;

panel.add(component, c);
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